Seroyal - Digest Dairy Plus 60 Cap

Seroyal - Digest Dairy Plus 60 Cap

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Seroyal - Digest Dairy Plus 60 Cap

• Digestive enzyme/lactase to assist in the digestion of foods containing lactose*
• Promotes digestive comfort*
• Helps to digest proteins*

Ideal for vegetarians
• Convenient vegetable capsule format increases patient compliance

Digest Dairy Plus is designed to assist in the digestion of dairy products. With lactase, protease and lipase, all major nutrient types in dairy foods are targeted. The addition of rennin provides rapid coagulation of milk protein in the stomach. In in vitro laboratory tests, the effect of one Digest Dairy Plus capsule added to 568 ml of whole milk under intestinal conditions was investigated. Casein and non-casein proteins were digested to short peptides and amino acids. Fat triglycerides were broken down to monoglycerides and free fatty acids, and lactose was virtually undetectable. Each capsule of Digest Dairy Plus will digest the equivalent of 568 ml of whole milk in vitro within a 3 hour period.*


• 幫助消化含乳糖食物的消化酶/乳糖酶*
• 促進消化舒適*
• 幫助消化蛋白質*

• 方便的蔬菜膠囊形式提高了患者的依從性

Digest Dairy Plus 旨在幫助消化乳製品。 對於乳糖酶、蛋白酶和脂肪酶,乳製品中的所有主要營養類型都是目標。 加入凝乳酶可使乳蛋白在胃中快速凝固。 在體外實驗室測試中,研究了在腸道條件下將一顆 Digest Dairy Plus 膠囊添加到 568 毫升全脂牛奶中的效果。 酪蛋白和非酪蛋白被消化成短肽和氨基酸。 脂肪甘油三酯被分解為甘油單酯和游離脂肪酸,幾乎檢測不到乳糖。 每粒 Digest Dairy Plus 膠囊可在 3 小時內體外消化相當於 568 毫升全脂牛奶。 *