NFH - Astragalus SAP

NFH - Astragalus SAP

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Science-based astragalus extract for enhanced therapeutic effect

Astragalus (Huang Qi; Astragalus membranaceus), has been used in traditional medicine historically for it’s immunomodulating, antiviral, diuretic properties.[1, 2] Astragalus is enriched with a complex combination of polysaccharides, triterpene glycosides, flavonoids, amino acids, and trace minerals.[2, 3]

Astragalus has been studied for its benefits in restoring T-cell (a specific type of white blood cell) counts to relatively normal ranges and inducing pituitary-adrenal-cortical activity to restore depleted red blood-cell formation in bone marrow.[2, 4] Traditional Chinese medicine evidence suggests the adaptogenic ability of astragalus in enhancing immune function.

NFH Astragalus SAP provides high quality Astragalus root extract standardized to contain 3% astragalosides. Astragalus SAP can:

  • Help maintain a healthy immune system [1, 5]

    Size & Format: 90 Capsules

    Contains No: Gluten, soy, wheat, corn, eggs, dairy, yeast, citrus, preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, starch, or sugar.

    Adults: Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner.



    黃芪(黃芪;黃芪)在歷史上一直被用於傳統醫學,因為它具有免疫調節、抗病毒、利尿的特性。[1, 2] 黃芪富含多醣、三萜糖苷、黃酮類化合物、氨基酸和微量元素的複雜組合礦物質。[2, 3]

    已經研究了黃芪在將 T 細胞(一種特定類型的白細胞)計數恢復到相對正常範圍和誘導垂體-腎上腺-皮質活動以恢復骨髓中耗盡的紅細胞形成方面的益處。 [2, 4 ] 中醫證據表明黃芪具有增強免疫功能的適應能力。

    NFH Astragalus SAP 提供高質量的黃芪根提取物,標準化為含有 3% 的黃芪苷。黃芪SAP可以:

    幫助維持健康的免疫系統 [1, 5]
    大小和格式:90 粒膠囊


    成人:每天服用 1 粒膠囊,或遵醫囑。