VitaCoco - Coconut Water

VitaCoco - Coconut Water

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Not so long ago, you had to find your own way to crack open coconuts to get a taste of pure coconut water. We’ve taken the hard work out of your hands and made it easy.

Peach & Mango

Two fruits are better than one. But you know what’s even better? Three fruits in one refreshing drink. Who knew peach and mango would get along with coconut water so well?


People have been eating pineapples for centuries. These days, we’ve mixed the delightfully sweet flavor with our refreshing coconut water to make a perfect blend.

Cafe Latte


Pair coconut water with espresso, a splash of reduced fat milk, and a touch of sweet and what do you get? A sip of energizing perfection that’s sure to wake you up.


Who says vanilla is boring? Mix it with coconut water, reduced fat milk, and a shot of espresso and you have a drink so delicious you’ll look forward to early mornings.