Teff Tribe - Teff Flour & Grains

Teff Tribe - Teff Flour & Grains

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This unassuming grain comes packed full of protein, which means it’s rich in essential amino acids. These help to support muscle growth and repair, and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

It’s low GI and high in fibre, helping to control blood sugar levels as it aids digestion, assisting weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Teff is not only high in iron, which is necessary for healthy blood, brain development and the functioning of your immune system, but it’s easily absorbed, too. It’s a good source of resistant starch; a starch that’s actually beneficial to your body, helping to maintain intestinal health by assisting in the development of probiotics.

Containing no gluten or nuts, teff accommodates the fussiest of eaters making it suitable for those with coeliac disease, a gluten intolerance or wheat sensitivities. It’s also a nutrient rich alternative compared to many gluten free options.

Teff is full of calcium, which not only strengthens bones and teeth, but plays a crucial role in other functions of the body; heart rhythm, nervous system, muscles and more. Making it a great dairy alternative for vegans.