Precision - Mettle

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  • 10g of BCAAs per serving to recover while you train 
  • Ingredients to buffer stomach acid so you get the full potency
  • Pathway nutrients that maximize your body’s own production
  • Fully instantized & sugar free 

Mettle’s goal is a simple one: To prepare you for battle, to feed your hungry muscles, to power you through every rep of every workout every time.

Mettle is packed with a unique matrix of support nutrients that reduce gastric destruction, initiate intraworkout recovery and activate your body’s internal production of these key amino acids, including:

BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS each serving contains a whopping 10 grams of pharmaceutical grade BCAAs in a perfect 2:1:1 ratio. These anticatabolic building blocks are your best friend in the gym, protecting your hard earned muscle and ensuring a positive nitrogen balance.

AJIPURE® L-GLUTAMINE imported from Japan and considered the finest L-Glutamine on the planet. Long used by elite athletes to spare muscle, speed recovery and support growth hormone release, glutamine is an essential addition to any intraworkout supplement.

CITRULLINE allows you to train harder and longer. It oxygenates your muscles, assists in the elimination of cellular waste, and has greater bioavailability than arginine, which allows for monster pumps and unsurpassed vasodilation.

CALCIUM ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE, ZINC CITRATE and L-GLUTAMIC ACID this trio of pathway nutrients amplifies the internal (endogenous) production of branch chain amino acids creating even greater anticatabolic activity.

MAGNESIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE and CALCIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE these pH adjusting co-factors buffer the impact of digestion and reduce gastric destruction. This allows Mettle to reach its destination, do its job and make you proud.