LinusPro - Whey 100 w/Moringa

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LinusPro Moringa WHEY100 is the perfect protein for those who want a natural high-quality supplement. WHEY100 is a protein powder, which has been given Moringa - a super food that contains a lot of advantages. Moringa has among other things a unique amino acid profile and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B and has an extraordinary levels of iron, which forces hemoglobin. This means that the process that occurs when oxygen is transported from the lungs and into the body's tissues are optimized, thus furthering your performance during exercise. In addition to this, Moringa is rich in calcium and helping to strengthen your bones and improve your body's metabolism. Vitamin C and Vitamin E act as antioxidants and thus helps to prevent any damage to the body's cells. In this way maintains product also cell functionality during exercise.