LinusPro - Whey 100 Packets

LinusPro - Whey 100 Packets

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LinusPro WHEY100 is protein powder for everyone who wishes an extra protein supplement in the diet. The protein powder must be mixed with water or milk and must be consumed right after weight lifting or endurance training in order to achieve optimal results. The protein powder is a convenient solution if you are a person on the run and need a fast protein intake.

LinusPro WHEY100 is protein powder based on undenatured whey protein concentrate of high quality. The whey protein is recovered from milk and is fed through careful filtration processes that concentrate the protein content.

LinusPro protein powder is among the best qualities in the market and can only be recovered from the purest commodities. LinusPro WHEY100 has a high biological value, which secures rapid absorption is the body after intake.

The usage of whey protein in our products creates a great amino acid profile with a high percentage of essential amino acids as well as 24.9 % of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) per. 100 grams.

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