LinusPro - Whey 100

LinusPro - Whey 100

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LinusPro WHEY100 is one of the classics among the protein powders. Its price and quality ratio make it the most preferred product, both for weight lifting and bodybuilding. 

WHEY100 should be consumed immediately after a training session, but it can also be consumed as a protein supplement during the day.

WHEY100 is instantiated so that it easily dissolves in milk or water. The protein powder is available in many different flavours, and also a neutral flavour if you prefer to mix it with e.g. juice.

WHEY100 is available in small packages with measured scoops. The benefit of using packages is that it ensures a longer shelf life, and it is easier to bring in your sports- or lunch bag.

LinusPro WHEY100 can be consumed by everyone who wants a protein supplement. The protein powder is instantiated, and can be easily dissolved in milk or water.