LinusPro - Organic Whey 100 - Neutral

LinusPro - Organic Whey 100 - Neutral

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By now there is not much doubt about the importance of proteins, if you want a well-functioning body. This is especially important if you live an active life where you use your body and breaks down muscle tissue. Your muscles must namely be built up again and here's Protein Powder is absolutely essential. If you previously opted out of protein powder due. Additives or because you are only acting ecologically, our Whey100 Organic Protein Powder exactly the right solution for you. Our organic protein powder has the same advantages as our WHEY100 products, but is made of an organic and taste neutral variant.

WHEY100 Organic Protein Powder from LinusPro Nutrition is a 100% organic protein powder and no additives. Organic protein powder possesses several dietary benefits and 80% of the content is quality protein from whey concentrate. The product can be used for serious sports, weight loss, muscle building or for those who lack proteins through regular diet.

Organic protein powder can be taken both before and after exercise, if you use it before, we recommend that you consume it at least 1-2 hours before exercise, so the body has time to digest it. If you consume organic protein powder after training, it is recommended that you consume protein powder within 30min after your workout is over.

LinusPro WHEY100 organic protein powder is taste neutral and can therefore be used in the example. baked goods and smoothies, in order to supply proteins. If you are not into the neutral flavor, you can use liquid flavored or water / milk and then adding cocoa powder or vanilla. You get in LinusPro Nutrition Organic protein powder as much as 25 grams of protein per. serving.

Organic Protein Powder should be used in addition to a healthy and balanced diet.