LinusPro - 40+ Protein

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LinusPro 40+ Protein Powder is especially developed for men and women over 40 years. The product has a high content of protein, calcium , vitamins and minerals , and thereby contributes to a wide range of nærringsstoffer to your body. Protein powder is to strengthen your muscles so that you can ensure a healthy body with lots of energy – both at work , at home and in the gym . The high content of calcium is also a very important dietary supplement for your body when your bone is broken down and rebuilt throughout life. With LinusPro 40+ Protein you get therefore a great product that helps to strengthen your body , your bones and your muscles.

LinusPro 40+ protein is instantised and is therefore highly soluble stirring in water or other liquid. Protein powder is available in three different flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.