Covo - Brain 8 MCT Oil

Covo - Brain 8 MCT Oil

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Brain 8 is made from only certified organic coconuts. Absolutely no palm or palm kernel oil is used.

To preserve the quality of Brain 8 we use recyclable, light and heat resistant glass bottles, instead of potentially dangerous plastics.

The entire process is solvent free to ensure the laboratory verified purity of this premium C8 MCT.

As it is completely odourless and flavourless you can add it to your morning coffee, to your favourite smoothies, protein shakes, salad dressings, pre-workouts, or just on its own.

Use Brain 8 to jumpstart your day, give your muscles that extra boost of energy before an intense workout or to focus your mind before heading into the board room.

Brain 8 - Power Fuel for Mind and Body

Suggested Use:

Start with 1 teaspoon as it may upset the stomach , then work up to 1 tablespoon.  Can be taken 1-3 times daily.

For coffee: Mix 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter with 1 tablespoon of Brain 8 into your cup of joe daily.  Click here to view the video of how to make it.

Also great with tea, salads and smoothies.  Click here to view recipes

Safe to use for cooking below 320F.

Vegan FriendlyGluten FreeNon GMOKeto friendlyPaleo Friendly

100% CoconutOdourless Flavourless

Keep Brain 8 stored in its original container or other glass bottles only.  Avoid using with plastic and styrofoam cups or containers.