Bucha - Kombucha

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búcha® live kombucha

Real kombucha. Unreal taste. 

Made from all natural and organic ingredients, búcha® is the best tasting kombucha on the planet. It is the only one with a clean, complex and rounded finish and no nasty vinegar aftertaste. búcha® offers a smart alternative to the other nutritionally empty sugary beverages. Your body is a temple, treat it that way, and treat it with búcha®.

búcha live kombucha - USDA Organic - NON-GMO

Guava Mango 

smooth and ripe

The satin texture of a ripe mango is an inextricable part of the whole sensory experience. You can eat a mango, but can you drink one?

With búcha® Guava Mango we come very very close. The secret, in each bottle, is a generous helping of Columbian Magdalena River mango puree, among the most flavorful of all mango varieties. Pink guava puree from Peru adds its own distinctive tropical perfume. It settles in the bottle, so you need to gently re-suspend the fine pulp. If you close your eyes, you may even be able to distinguish the complementary flavors of these two fruits. But why bother? They belong together!

Behind all this is the kombucha itself, providing the naturally tangy counterpoint to all this sweet, tropical flavor—a perfect balance.

Raspberry Pomegranate

magic with elderflowers

Did we invent a magic fruit? As if by magic, familiar flavors taste inexplicably, unexpectedly wonderful, and it’s time for another sip…

We make this magic by adding a hint of elderflower to our carefully fermented brew, transforming the rich, vibrant flavors of raspberry and pomegranate– welding them together and…sending them in orbit!

Magically, the bottle drains, as if it has done so on its own…