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BodyAwakening Co. - Probiotic+

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Product Description

PROBIOTIC+ is a delicious tasting food-based product which has been bio-fermented to contain 25 billion healthy probiotic bacteria per serving. These probiotics are delivered in a crystal powder that both children and adults love. This supplement can be eaten straight off the spoon or mixed into juices, smoothies, yogurt or a plain glass of water. It is made from only two ingredients – organic Manuka honey from New Zealand and a wild organic plum from Australia and containers no colorings, flavorings or preservatives. We use only the highest quality ingredients and process and ferment the product in a GMP certified lab in Australia. 100% organic, 100% Australian made.

  • 25 BILLION LIVING BACTERIA PER SERVICE. The product container 5 different strains of probiotics. To ensure the stability and shellfire of the probiotics we use an advanced medical grade freeze-drying technique which makes the product stable at room temperate.
  • DESIGNED FOR HOME, OFFICE AND USE DURING TRAVEL. This product does not need to be kept in the fridge like most probiotic products do, which means you can leave them in your office drawer at work, out on the counter in your kitchen or tuck into your travel bag.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS. This product is a powder based product which tastes amazing. It’s made from only two ingredients – organic Manuka honey from New Zealand and a wild organic plum from Australia. It mixed perfectly into a glass of water in the morning or into a juice or smoothie.
  • IDEAL FOR BALANCING YOUR GUT. A healthy gut means improved food absorption, food elimination, and weight control.
  • Powder form not capsules
  • Bio-fermented
Each serving of PROBIOTIC+ contains 300 mg of wild Australian plum (each of these plums has the Vitamin C equivalent of 50 oranges), 200 mg of organic Australian Manuka honey, and 25 billion probiotics – 8 Billion CFU Rhamnosus, 15 Billion CFU L. acidophilus, 2 Billion CFU Bifidobacterium (the probiotic count of 5 liters of yogurt).

Manufactured at a GMP certified medical facility in Australia. All ingredients are grown organically without the use of chemical fertilizers. PROBIOTIC+ contains no added colorings or preservatives, no added corn, lactose, wheat, soy or sugar. 


Probiotics (aka friendly bacteria) live in our intestinal tract and help protect us against pathogens like viruses, yeast, and unfriendly bacteria. Probiotics play a role in the production of antibodies and certain proteins that are essential for our immune system. In fact, 66% of our body’s immune cells live in our GI tract. Probiotics secrete enzymes, aid the breakdown of food and support the elimination of waste. In short – probiotics are essential for the entire digestive process and are often beneficial for improving health issues such as digestive upset, skin irritations and weak immunity.


Powder form eliminates the need for the body to break down a capsule, which is important for those suffering from impaired digestion. Probiotic+ is a powder because it is a food more than a supplement. Lastly, taking powders over capsules is one more way to increase your intake of fluids.