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BodyAwakening Co. - MagC

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Product Description

MagC is a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement drink with vitamin C. It is easily absorbed by the body due to its 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate. Vitamin C is added to create the precise pH balance enabeling speedy absorption by the body. The product has a tasty natural lemon flavor which mixes perfectly into fruit juice, smoothies or a plain glass of water.

Designed for athletes who push their bodies to the limits; working professionals functioning in high stress environments; those of us who have trouble sleeping; and that time of the month where women may not feel at their best.

Minerals are lost through sweating and replacing them is key for any athlete. Muscle cramps are often the result of a calcium/magnesium imbalance. These essential minerals are required for the delivery of oxygen to muscles. They are essential for proper muscle contraction and relaxation as well as maintaining cell and bone strength.*

Stress Management
Stress can affect all aspects of our life from disrupting sleep to impairing digestion, absorption and elimination to negatively impacting our mental/emotional state. Magnesium, known as the “anti-stress nutrient” balances the nervous system, helping us to respond appropriately and recover from acute and chronic stress.*

Impaired Sleep
Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or the inability to stay asleep can all result from stress, anxiety or an overtaxed nervous system. Calcium and magnesium relax muscles and have a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system making it a natural sleep aide.*

PMS/Menstrual Cramps
Magnesium is often at its lowest during menstruation. Supplementing with magnesium in conjunction with calcium has been found to be helpful for relieving menstrual cramps, fatigue, depression and water retention related to PMS.*

Ingredients: Vitamin C (as ascorbic & citric acid), Calcium (as gluconate), Magnesium (as carbonate).

Directions: Place 1 rounded teaspoon into a glass. Half fill with boiling water and stir until clear. Top up with chilled or hot water or a juice of your choice.