Amazin' Graze - Hazelnut Blackforest Granola

Amazin' Graze - Hazelnut Blackforest Granola

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Dark chocolate granola created from gluten-free rolled oats, energising buckwheat and antioxidant-rich chia seeds. Mixed with juicy cherries and sweet cranberries as well as creamy cashews and crunchy hazelnuts. Never feel guilty for indulging in chocolate again!

Health Highlight: Cacao is what makes chocolate healthy. This superfood is super high in antioxidants and is associated with decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improved blood vessel health . Oh yes and it is said to be responsible for making you happy too!

Ingredients: Gluten-free rolled oats, buckwheat, chia seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, cranberries, black raisins, honey, organic molasses, dark cacao powder, vanilla extract, himalayan rock salt, light olive oil

*All ingredients are completely gluten-free!

Weight: 250g