niulife - Organic Coconut Aminos

niulife - Organic Coconut Aminos

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Coconut Aminos Sauce is the all-purpose umami packed condiment that you can’t do without. This healthy sauce has around 30% less sodium than regular Soy Sauce, all without compromising on true flavor. Coconut Amino Sauce is the mother stock of all things delicious and lends itself to any salad, stir-fry, marinade or roast.

Our Coconut Aminos sauce is handmade in small batches from freshly harvested coconut blossom nectar, which is combined and aged naturally with Coconut Vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Bird’s Eye Chilli, Garlic and sun-dried, mineral rich Sea Salt.

Benefits of Coconut Aminos Sauce:

• Organic and Unprocessed
• Gluten Free
• Soy Free
• MSG Free
• GMO Free
• Low Sodium
• Low GI (35)
• Packed with Vitamins C, B and other minerals
• Near neutral PH
• No Chemicals or Preservatives

Made from highly nutrient-rich Coconut “sap” that consists of 17 naturally occurring amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, a true essential to our health and nutrition.