Amazin' Graze - Orange Apricot Cashew Butter

Amazin' Graze - Orange Apricot Cashew Butter

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Our 100% stone ground cashew butter given an invigorating twist with fresh orange zest and chunks of sweet apricot, lightly sweetened with local honey. A fun and fruity way to get all the health benefits of cashews, minus any added salt or refined sugar! Absolutely delicious as a spread, a dip for fruit, or a topping for yogurt or ice cream!

Health Highlight: Cashews are a great source of protein and heart healthy fats. Compared to regular peanut butter, cashew butter is:

  • Higher in Vitamin K, for healthy blood clotting
  • Higher in minerals like iron, copper, and magnesium
  • Lower in unhealthy saturated fats

Truly an abundance of nutrition in a satisfyingly yummy package!

Ingredients: Whole roasted cashews, dried apricots, fresh orange zest, honey, extra virgin olive oil

Weight: 180 g