Amazin' Graze - All ABC Butter

Amazin' Graze - All ABC Butter

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Toasty almonds, creamy cashews, and earthy brazil nuts team up in this rich and delicious nut butter medley. Stone-ground and natural with no added salt, sugar, or oil, this butter is healthy and harmonious in flavour and nutrition. Use it as a spread, to add creaminess to cereals, as a dip for fruits and vegetables…or just eat it on its own!

Health Highlight:  Nuts are widely known to be healthy – and for good reason! Though small, they are nutrition powerhouses, packing quality protein, healthy fats, fibre, antioxidants, and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Due to their unique combination of nutrients, they are able to give a feeling of satiety, or fullness, after meals, tiding you over until your next meal. They also can slow down blood sugar spikes when combined with a carbohydrate-rich food, like bread or oats.

Ingredients: Whole almonds (33.3%), brazil nuts (33.3%) and cashews (33.3%) (lightly roasted)

Weight: 180 g