Seroyal / Genestra - Neurogen DHA

Seroyal / Genestra - Neurogen DHA

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    A vegan-friendly blend of DHA and vitamin E

    • Provides 200 mg DHA from algal oil per daily dose
    • Provides 40 IU of vitamin E per daily dose
    • Supports neurological function

    Neurogen DHA is an effective combination of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA and vitamin E that helps to support neurological health. As vegan and vegetarian diets tend to provide significantly less DHA, algae-derived oils provide a vegan-friendly omega-3 source with a low impact on the ocean ecosystem.1,2 Recent research demonstrates that DHA deficiency decreases the level of brain-derived neurotropic factor in the hypothalamus and hippocampus, which is necessary for brain plasticity and function.3 Neuroprotectin D1, a metabolite of DHA, has also been shown to maintain neuronal cell function after exposure to oxidative stress.4

    Size & Format: 30 Capsules


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