MyMaha - The Matcha Warrior

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The Matcha Warrior is our organic green tea powder, grown in in the fields of Nishio, Japan. It is our go-to morning boost and has been taken for years by Samurai warriors and Buddhist monks for it’s high antioxidant profile (137x compared to regular green tea) and health benefits.

Made of 100% pure stone-ground Japanese certified organic tea leaves, we do not add additives, chemical flavourings or fillers to ensure that you’re able to experience the full health benefits of the entire leaf which deliver life-force vitamins and minerals to you while creating a state of calm alertness. Stir it in and center yourself. 

What it does? Boosts concentration, metabolism, detoxification, defense, energy levels,  making you feel centered, grounded and strong (like a warrior).

What it doesn’t do? Give you anxiety, lead to a caffeine- induced crash or give you heart palpitations all synonymous with the over-consumption of coffee.

30g / 1.05oz (30 servings)